Chipping Masterclass

chip chipping pitch Aug 22, 2019

This chipping video is part of the 'Masterclass Series' with David Griffiths. The aim is to try and demonstrate different approaches to the same chip shot and convey some of the less obvious elements that are involved in short game planning.

Play the Percentage Chip Shot

On two of the scenarios in the video, David has chosen the more elaborate high spinning chip, where I elected to keep the...

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Bunker Masterclass Series 3: Bunker Shot from a Downslope

bunker sand Aug 15, 2019

Two of the hardest golf techniques combined in one swing

I am sure that you are familiar with the situation. The ball landed in the middle of the bunker but somehow managed to roll to the back of the bunker and is now on a steep downslope. Often, this can be combined with a steep front lip of the bunker too. This now becomes a very high tariff bunker shot.

Bunker Shot Planning

Like any shot...

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Bunker Masterclass Series 2: Sand Shot from a Plugged Lie

bunker sand Aug 15, 2019

Two methods the pros adopt to play from a plugged lie in the bunker 

Shot Planning

Whichever method you adopt just aim to get in on the green and bare in mind that the ball will not be coming out with any spin so it will roll. Choose a 'fat' part of the green so the ball has plenty of room to roll out.

Plugged Lie Set up and Swing Shape

The two plugged lie bunker methods in the video are...

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Bunker Shot Masterclass Series 1: High Sand Shot from Wet Sand

bunker sand Aug 15, 2019


Get Inside the Mind of a Master with 6 Challenging Bunker Shots

In his time on the European Tour,  David Griffiths was one of the best bunker players out there. In this series, Dr Noel Rousseau quizzes David on how he plays 6 distinctly different bunker shots. There is more in-depth bunker coaching in GOLF COACH ACCESS but this series will give you a flavour of how the maestro...

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Golf Shot Panning 3: Pro Level

course management Feb 20, 2019

Course Management Series

This is a further video in my course management series looking at course strategy from a Pro Level perspective. Arguably, course management is equally as important at club level where the shot scatter is greater (see Course Management to Break 100 Every Time) and it highlights the all-important 'shot planning' phase of the Pre Shot Routine.


The 'AIM' of Course...

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Shallowing the Shaft with Hand Path

swing Feb 11, 2019

Getting the club shaft to shallow 'onto plane' in transition is a huge topic in modern coaching.

A high percentage of golfers will suffer with an 'over the top' top move that swings the club down and across the ball. This isn't fixed by dragging the hands down but by understanding how to 'shallow the shaft' in transition. 

This video comes from my 'Modern Golf Swing' course, 'Side-on...

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Does Club Fitting Affect Your Golf Swing?

clubs psychology Jan 22, 2019

It seems to be an industry-wide problem that the role of club fitter and that of the coach are too often set on divergent courses. One is trying to fit to the current swing pattern while the other is working to change the pattern. Clearly, for the process to work well, the coach, fitter and player need to agree on what they are trying to achive to find a solution that is harmonious the players...

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Shot Planning 2: On Course Challenge

course management Jan 06, 2019

While it takes hard work and dedicated practise to improve your ball striking, anyone can learn to think like a pro.

Put the kettle on and enjoy the video. This one could have an immediate and groundbreaking effect on your scores.

The Challenge

As part of the 'Keep Golf Simple' programme I recently played 5 holes at the very challenging Monte Rei course. The aim was to demonstrate an...

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Working With the Yips in Golf

chipping pitching putting yips Sep 21, 2018

Gordon Morrison and Dr Noel Rousseau are both PGA Golf Professionals that specialise in working with Yips. Gordon is working towards his Phd on the Yips in Golf and Noel's research was in a closely related field of movement science. They have teamed up with the PGA to offer coach training in relation to working with the Yips.

Upcoming Coach Training: TBC 

Recent research has indicated that...

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What is a Flat Left Wrist? Wrist Flexion/Extension explained.

swing Aug 28, 2018

One of the key topics on my Learning Platform, GOLF COACH ACCESS, is that your clever coordination system always will prioritise getting the clubface back square when you hit the golf ball. If the face is way out in the downswing though, this means making some pretty funky 'last-minute adjustments to deliver the face. Understanding how the flat left wrist (lead wrist flexion) works can make the...

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