Working With the Yips in Golf

chipping pitching putting yips Sep 21, 2018

Gordon Morrison and Dr Noel Rousseau are both PGA Golf Professionals that specialise in working with Yips. Gordon is working towards his Phd on the Yips in Golf and Noel's research was in a closely related field of movement science. They have teamed up with the PGA to offer coach training in relation to working with the Yips.

Upcoming Coach Training: TBC 

Recent research has indicated that over 30% of golfers have experienced the yips at some time in their career. Yet, there is very little (none until now) coach education on how we help golfers unlucky enough to have this highly debilitating affliction.

As a coach, there is nothing worse than feeling helpless as your student struggles on in front of you, yet a standard technique based intervention will often make things worse for a yips afflicted golfer.


By definition, the yips is an involuntary movement so trying to just change the action via a normal technical intervention is going to be a frustrating experience. How we understand the task and where we put our attention will make a massive difference to your ability to make a smooth and uninterrupted stroke.


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In 2017 I got in touch with Gordon Morrison to see about putting together a training workshop for professional coaches working with the yips. Gordon is a PGA Professional, a national coach and is researching the yips directly as his PhD. What is clear from the workshop is that Gordon and I take a slightly different approach to the problem but our methods are entirely complimentary.

To learn more on how we deal with the yips in golf you can listen to my chat with Gordon on our Webinar at the link below.


CPD Day for PGA Professionals

The Belfry, 22nd January 2020


Learn to work at the level of Motor Control and Attentional Focus and most importantly, take away a number of simple and practical drills that can put an end to years of frustration.

If you want to work with us on this area or get more information on the PGA training (CPD Days) then please get in touch via the CONTACT PAGE.

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