Video Swing Analysis

Through a fluid process of video exchange, you can have Dr Noel as your Online Coach to guide you through a step-by-step process of carefully designed drills and skills challenges to refine your swing/short game and transform your game.


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Single Online Lesson

1 Swing Exchange

  • Detailed video analysis of your golf swing
  • Customised video of myself demonstrating exactly what you need to work on and how your swing/body will work
  • Customised drills that will help you integrate any changes required
  • Free 1- month membership to my online coaching platform, Golf Coach ACCESS


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Swing Mastery

£240 per month
Unlimited Swing Exchanges

  • Detailed video analyses of your golf swing each month
  • Customised video of myself demonstrating exactly what you need to work on and how your swing/body will work
  • Customised drills that will help you integrate any changes required
  • Membership to my online coaching platform, Golf Coach ACCESS.


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Live Remote Session

£100 p/hour

  • Live video connection to be used for multiple purposes
  • Live lessons
  • Mental game coaching
  • Coach consulting
  • Have your questions answered: Take your time and have an in-depth discussion with Dr Noel.





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Benefits of Online Coaching

  • Immediate Access: no need to wait to get into Noel's diary, online lessons are available 24 hours a day.
  • Expertise: Wherever you are in the world you will have access to a high level of experience and expertise on your team
  • Continual Feedback: multiple touchpoints to create continual feedback to keep you on track and out of rabbit holes and setbacks
  • Your Personal Mentor: Have someone on your side to keep you motivated, and moving in the right technical direction and ready to answer any questions about the game.
  • Keep a Lesson Record: All lessons are archived in the your Skillest app so you will be able to track your journey and not forget key concepts
  • Anytime, Anywhere

How it works

Take a video of your swing and send it in! Here’s more detail:

1. Download the Skillest app and Select your Coaching Package

Choose to work with Dr Noel for a Single Lesson or the monthly Swing Mastery package where you’ll get unlimited swing reviews and a Live call to discuss progress.


2. Take a video of your swing

Once you make your purchase you will be placed into a chat Dr Noel where you can exchange video, audio, and text messages to improve your swing!

3. Receive personalised feedback

Noel will respond with a  video outlining your swing analysis and a separate video with personalized drills to get you moving in the right direction to improve your swing

4. Practise and level up your swing!

Work on the improvements and drills recommended, and feel free to send in one more video for progress feedback and refinement.



Students love learning with Dr. Noel Rousseau.

"If you want to consistently perform better on the golf course and lower your scores, work with Noel. What I have really appreciated about his coaching, is the right balance between three aspects: 1) ‘golf swing technical changes’; 2) ‘golf-shot making’….trajectory, shaping left to right etc, and 3) ‘playing golf’- taking practice work on to the course and thinking what shot will get the ball to the hole fastest."

—Andy P.

If you are serious about improving your golf swing, as many of us are, I cannot recommend Dr Noel Rousseau highly enough. Over the years I’ve had many lessons from a variety of qualified coaches, but none have been close to the calibre of Dr Noel. His ability to identify issues, however small, and provide realistic understandable solutions, backed up with simple drills, is absolutely AMAZING. If there was an option to give six stars, I’d do it! He is an elite golf coach.

—Alastair W.

"oel is a fantastic coach. He's taken the time to understand my game and offer practical and actionable steps to improve each and every lesson. Jargon free, his instruction focuses on easily and repeatable steps, broken into digestible nuggets of wisdom. Complemented by his state of the art studio, lesson with Noel have been a pleasure. He is fun to be around and makes learning enjoyable. My game has come on no end. Highly recommended."

—Jon H.

"Excellent coach. I am playing much better quality golf since I started to come to Noel. I am hitting the ball longer and more accurately. My short game has hugely improved. Thanks so much Noel. Can’t recommend highly enough."

—Nuala M.