Creating Backspin


I question I get asked a lot is 'how do I get backspin on my golf shots?

Sorry folks, there is no trick, sleight of hand or flick of the wrist that creates spin. In many ways though, it is easier than that. Assuming you haven't topped the ball, every golf shot will have backspin. The skill is not so much about making backspin happen but being able to predict the rate of spin on your ball...

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Golf Psychology and My Interview with Karl Morris

psychology Aug 15, 2018

I was recently invited on the 'Brain Booster' podcast with Karl Morris. We discussed my research, golf psychology swing changes and key performance factors in general. If you are interested in the interview then just click on the link at the bottom of the page.

The Red Dot

Karl Morris has been one of Europe's top Golf Psychologists for many years and has worked with numerous major champions...

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You vs The Robot: A Dynamical Systems View on the Golf Swing


One of the highlights of the World Scientific Congress of Golf (St Andrews 2016) was Gene Parente. Gene has a golf testing business (Golf Laboratories) that started in 1990 with a machine that was powered by a garage door spring. This has since evolved into the 'Go-to Robot' that is used by all the US-based major manufacturers for equipment testing. The Robot (Eldrik) is powered by Lithium...

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Leg Action in Downswing

swing technique May 01, 2018

The motion of the legs is often described in very broad terms with terms like 'slide' or 'turn'. Given the affect the lower half pivot has on the motion of the club, it is worth understanding what an optimal movement looks like.

David Griffiths has very long legs and could end up looking extremely clumsy but in fact; he exemplifies a powerful pivot. 

Linear vs Rotation

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Launch Your Driver

driver swing technique Apr 20, 2018

Like most of my coaching, training the optimal movement with a driver revolves around having a clear concept of the end point; in this case, the sweeping motion of the club through strike. You have probably heard this before but let's be clear on our main objective:

"To maximise distance and accuracy the driver needs to hit the ball in middle (or slightly above centre) of the club face and...

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Incredible Movement Synergy

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2018

This is one of dozens of 'Phantom' slow motion swing videos that are on the subscription site.


It's no wonder that the world of movement science is so heavily represented by research undertaken in golf. Hugely POWERFUL, yet GRACEFUL to the point of exhibiting fine CONTROL and massive SPEED. This does not occur overnight. Well done David Griffiths (swing model above). 


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High Floating Bunker Shot - Masterclass

bunker sand Apr 20, 2018

Everything David does here is built around the need to 'whack' the sand with the back of the club. In doing so, the club slides under the ball without ever digging in, slowing down and losing loft. Here are some technique keys to playing a high bunker shot:

Set Up

  • Open the face as much as 45 degrees and re-grip it. This may look like the ball will go a long way right but when we lower the...
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Automaticity in Golf: The Reality of Swing Thoughts

psychology Apr 02, 2018

These are the highlights of an 8-year study into the much-reported benefits of relinquishing swing thoughts and going with the FLOW.

It is easy to be seduced by the notion that optimal performance occurs in the absence of conscious control. Golfers are all too familiar with what it is like to think too much about the swing, be that through their own hypothesis testing or explicit...

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Effortless Flow in Your Golf Swing

swing technique Jan 05, 2017

The fluid motion of the club and body during the swing encapsulates the brain and body working together in harmony.

When it feels this good, the brain is telling you something.

There are a number of key scientific papers that back up our intuition on this topic; Focus on temporal (timing related) and rhythm aspects of our movement promote peak performance.  The nature of...

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Chip and Run in Slow Motion

chip chipping short game Jan 02, 2017

This is one of the dozens of Phantom slow-motion videos that you'll see inside the member's area: Pro model, David Griffiths, playing a chip and run with a PW.

Chip and Run instruction video - 7-Day Free Trial

Chip and Run Technique: Areas To Note

  • David is absolutely still apart from the motion of his arms. Very firm wrists.
  • David's sternum is not forward of the ball as with other chip...
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