Leg Action in Downswing

swing technique May 01, 2018

The motion of the legs is often described in very broad terms with terms like 'slide' or 'turn'. Given the affect the lower half pivot has on the motion of the club, it is worth understanding what an optimal movement looks like.

David Griffiths has very long legs and could end up looking extremely clumsy but in fact; he exemplifies a powerful pivot. 

Linear vs Rotation

In the subscription part of the site, I cover the topic in more detail and discuss the merits of rotation vs sliding laterally. In basic terms, a slide of the pelvis in transition will encourage a steep shaft angle and 'pivot stall/club flip' action through impact. Conversely, pelvis rotation will more naturally lead to the arms moving outward and the shaft shallowing through the downswing, thus enabling the continued pivot through the ball and all the benefits that brings.


Double External

In transition, David squats down rotates both hips externally while the pressure remains on the trail foot. This gives the look of increasing the gap between the knees. The right leg becomes more flexed which contributes to the 7cm that David looses in height.




 Internal Rotation

Mid-way down, as the pelvis continues to rotate the pressure/weight is now moving forward through the ball and the hips are rotating internally.


Push Off and Extend

Through strike, the pelvis continues to rotate as the legs push up and forwards.


Up and in Extension

At the finish, it becomes clear how the body is now in extension as the pelvis has pushed through the ball and raised up.





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