Safe Fairway Bunker Shots

bunker Nov 27, 2021

In my experience, fairway bunker shots can be a card wrecker.

It is alluring to think that we can just hit a normal full swing with visions of Sandy Lyle's famous shot to win the US Masters.

More often than not this has led to me choosing too much club (not enough loft) and thinning the ball into the face of the bunker for it bounce back at me for another try.

 An Alternative Approach

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Bunker Masterclass Series 3: Bunker Shot from a Downslope

bunker sand Aug 15, 2019

Two of the hardest golf techniques combined in one swing

I am sure that you are familiar with the situation. The ball landed in the middle of the bunker but somehow managed to roll to the back of the bunker and is now on a steep downslope. Often, this can be combined with a steep front lip of the bunker too. This now becomes a very high tariff bunker shot.

Bunker Shot Planning

Like any shot...

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Bunker Masterclass Series 2: Sand Shot from a Plugged Lie

bunker sand Aug 15, 2019

Two methods the pros adopt to play from a plugged lie in the bunker 

Shot Planning

Whichever method you adopt just aim to get in on the green and bare in mind that the ball will not be coming out with any spin so it will roll. Choose a 'fat' part of the green so the ball has plenty of room to roll out.

Plugged Lie Set up and Swing Shape

The two plugged lie bunker methods in the video are...

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Bunker Shot Masterclass Series 1: High Sand Shot from Wet Sand

bunker sand Aug 15, 2019


Get Inside the Mind of a Master with 6 Challenging Bunker Shots

In his time on the European Tour,  David Griffiths was one of the best bunker players out there. In this series, Dr Noel Rousseau quizzes David on how he plays 6 distinctly different bunker shots. There is more in-depth bunker coaching in GOLF COACH ACCESS but this series will give you a flavour of how the maestro...

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High Floating Bunker Shot - Masterclass

bunker sand Apr 20, 2018

Everything David does here is built around the need to 'whack' the sand with the back of the club. In doing so, the club slides under the ball without ever digging in, slowing down and losing loft. Here are some technique keys to playing a high bunker shot:

Set Up

  • Open the face as much as 45 degrees and re-grip it. This may look like the ball will go a long way right but when we lower the...
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