Shot Planning 2: On Course Challenge

course management Jan 06, 2019

While it takes hard work and dedicated practise to improve your ball striking, anyone can learn to think like a pro.

Put the kettle on and enjoy the video. This one could have an immediate and groundbreaking effect on your scores.

The Challenge

As part of the 'Keep Golf Simple' programme I recently played 5 holes at the very challenging Monte Rei course. The aim was to demonstrate an effective strategy and bring to light just how much it can benefit your game. To this end,  I took a super conservative approach and limited my shot making. These were the rules I tried to stick to.

  • I didn't hit the ball any further than 140 yards.
  • I didn't play any high skill tariff shots. In fact, I limited myself to not hitting anything high or with spin either.

It was great fun and felt like I imagine golf was played when it was first invented. After 5 holes I was on track to break 90!


N.B I think it is important to note that I played 3 chips and all with a rescue. I didn't set out to do this; it came about as a result of leaving the ball in the easiest areas around the greens. I was very careful not to short side myself or put myself in a position that required a highly skilled chip.

This challenge is part of the 'KEEP GOLF SIMPLE' course. Click for course info


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