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Dr Noel Rousseau

PGA Advanced Fellow Professional


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Coronavirus Guidelines

As of 13th May the Government have given the go ahead for coaching 1 -1 sessions. The coaching environment is relatively easy to manage but all precautions will be taken to ensure the following considerations:

A 2m rule is observed at all times - We don't share/touch equipment - The teaching studio touch points are sanitised between sessions

Group classes are restricted to a maximum of 5 students.

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Mind - Body - Swing

Through the use of holistic modern coaching methods the Rousseau Golf Academy is here to help accelerate your learning and set you on a path of continual development. Through varied and flexible programmes there is a clear pathway to help you develop your skills and the mental poise to take them to the course. 

If you have any doubt as how best to move forwards then please get in contact or better still, book an assessment and we can spend some time understanding your game. Whatever your ambitions, and current level of golf,  I would love to help you with your game.

Getting Started

Before embarking on any technique change both coach and player must be clear on the end goal and the process involved.

Through the assessment structure, you will gain clarity on your current movement patterns and a development plan will be designed to suit your commitment and goals.

Performance Plans

Lessons can be taken one at a time at the rates below. However, coaching makes its biggest impact when it is taken over an extended period of time so for anyone that values regular coaching, I have created a membership programme that offers numerous benefits that include a longer lesson time to allow us to cover areas such as on-course sessions or Performance Psychology.

Performance Plans are paid for via Standing Order and are over a minimum period of 3 months.


£85 p/m

  • 1 Hour Session p/m
  • Video notes to all lessons
  • Continue the learning away from the course with membership to Noel's online learning platform, Golf Coach ACCESS. 
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£170 p/m

  • 2 x Hour Session p/m
  • 4 Purposeful Practise Sessions
  • Video notes to all lessons
  • Continue the learning away from the course with membership to Noel's online learning platform, Golf Coach ACCESS. 
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£300 p/m

  • 4 x Hour Session p/m (Likely to include a 2 hour playing session each month)
  • Unlimited Purposeful Practise Sessions
  • Video notes to all lessons
  • Continue the learning away from the course with membership to Noel's online learning platform, Golf Coach ACCESS. 
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Purposeful Practise Only

£59 p/m

  • 4 x Purposeful Practise Sessions p/m
  • Initial Assessment
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£125 p/m

  • Everything on the Silver Plan plus 4 Purposeful Practise sessions per month

Adjusted Coaching Times

Until Schools and Nurseries go back I am slightly restricted in my coaching times. Here are my new coaching hours:

Tuesday                 08:00 - 21:00
Wednesday           15:00 - 21:00
Thursday                15:00 - 21:00
Friday                      08:00 - 19:00
Saturday                 08:00 - 18:00

Individual Lesson Prices

Assessment:                                    £25
Junior Session*                               £45
30 Minute Session                         £60
45 Minute Session:                        £85 
2 Hour Session:                              £160

*Enquire for the Committed Junior Programme

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Olly Coates - June 2020

"When I first started with Noel 7 months ago I had just scored 126 and was in a bit of a mess with my game. I have now shot my personal best of 88 from the back tees at Lambourne (6800 yards). I am really really pleased."

What else is included?

  • Private heated Swing Studio for the perfect lesson environment
  • Launch Monitor (GC2 +HMT)
  • 3D Motion Tracking Technology
  • Performance Psychology Programme
  • TPI Golf Fitness Screening
  • Priority access to Coaching Trips: Monte Rei, Portugal (Winter) Links Trips (Autumn)
  • Priority access to Special Events ) Psychology and Fitness Programmes with Noel and external experts)


The ball and club are tracked with the GC2 Launch Monitor and we can also track your swing pattern with 3D Motion Capture.

The combination of technology and coaching expertise means that you will maximise the gains you make in the sessions and in your practise time, effectively, improving quicker and with less frustration.
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3D Motion Capture is at the very forefront of sports science and coaching technology. The system gives the player and coach access to a whole new level of insight into how the player is moving. Ultimately, this leads to some very simple changes for the player.

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Golf Fitness

Fitness and Mobility

In the initial assessment and throughout your coaching you will be taken through a very simple screening process to find out how mobile and functional you are in key golf related movements. From there, we will either work with your body as it is or help you become more mobile with the help of some of my team members from the sports fitness industry.

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Performance Psychology 

Bring your best self to the course on any given day is not a matter of positive thinking or blind affirmations. Noel takes a thoroughly pragmatic approach to mental skills using the best of modern 'evidence based' performance psychology.

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Working With The Yips

The yips is a specialist area that Noel has worked in for over two decades. It also has very close ties with Noel's research. As such, Noel  has teamed up with Gordon Morrison to help coaches around the world effectively manage the interplay between mind and movement.

“If you struggle with the YIPS then please get in touch. This is a specialist area that can reap very quick results.”

 Dr. Noel Rousseau