WORKING WITH Dr Noel Rousseau

You can work with Noel on your mental game in either individual sessions or as part of a small group in the innovative MAC programme.

Please leave your details and any questions below and he will get back to you within 24 hours. Please also feel free to give him a call or email.

Noel is also available for public speaking and golf club presentations.

Email:  [email protected]
Phone: 07799 130754


Performance Psychology is NOT a Pill that takes away anxiety and fills you with confidence

Noel's approach is about developing the skills that will enable you to perform in the presence of pressure and uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. This is how we learn to be bring our best game to the course on any given day! 

This is not a matter of positive thinking or blind affirmations. Noel takes a thoroughly pragmatic approach to mental skills using the best of modern performance psychology.

This is an 'evidence based' approach that is backed by science.

Working With The Yips

The yips is a specialist area that Noel has worked in for over two decades. It also has very close ties with Noel's research. As such, Noel  has teamed up with Gordon Morrison to help coaches around the world effectively manage the interplay between mind and movement.

“If you struggle with the YIPS then please get in touch. This is a specialist area that can reap very quick results.”

Dr. Noel Rousseau



Rousseau Golf Academy is based at Wycombe Heights Golf Centre.


  • The heated swing studio provides the ideal environment to learn.
  • Recently renovated 22 floodlit driving range with shot tracer technology
  • 18 hole par 3 course for short game development
  • 18 hole main course for playing lessons
  • Specific short game areas.

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