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DR NOEL ROUSSEAU is a PGA Advanced Fellow Professional with a PhD in Motor Learning.

Noel is serious about your learning and through his online membership site he delivers the latest concepts in golf with clear, concise and accurate golf instruction so that you can genuinely fix your faults and improve your game. 


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With a Myriad of Information Online, it can be an altogether CONFUSING and BEWILDERING place to learn.

Our Aim is to share consistent and accurate knowledge to ACCELERATE YOUR LEARNING so that you can be the golfer you know you can be...

We take learning seriously.

Not content with the status quo in coach education and keen to progress how golfers learn the game, Noel perused his own research into golf and movement science as his PhD. 
With this background Dr. Noel took his coaching to a wider audience when in 2010, he created the award winning 'Golf Coach' app, which helped over 200,000 golfers worldwide. 
And now, after several years of development, Noel has created a much larger and more progressive and accessible outlet for golfers keen to transform their game.
Welcome to GOLF COACH ACCESS, our online membership site where you can access Expert Golf Tuition, Structured Courses and focussed guidance directly with Dr Noel Rousseau.

GOLF INSTRUCTION that gets straight to the point

Expect clear and concise tutorials with concepts and topics delivered in bite-sized chunks.



Does your scorecard reflect your ability?

Time and again I hear from golfers that know they can be better than their scorecard and their handicap would suggest.  They are prepared to put in the practise but don't know what it is they need to focus on. 

A consistent approach in one place.

Backed by science, Noel's 20 years of expertise in golf coaching and academic research bring you modern techniques and knowledge that can utterly transform your golf.

Golf Coach Access is an online membership site that delivers clear and concise golf coaching through videos, articles, coaching drills, purposeful practise, masterclasses, movement psychology and Q&A feedback directly with Dr Noel Rousseau.


Take our Ball Striking Course FREE

This course is an absolute must to achieve consistent ball striking. A 6 part video tutorial series covering the fundamentals of ball striking, your swing arc, impact alignment and dynamic loft. Also includes slow motion swing videos. 


Membership Benefits

You can access the entire 'Vault' for a thorough and wide knowledge base that covers a multitude of topics for a deeper golf learning experience. As a member, you can also take well structured courses on specific topics that are most relevant to your game. Use the coaching anytime to support your practise sessions on the range and course.

"The videos and your explanation are outstanding. Thank you for putting this material together."

Thomas Williams

"When The Daily Telegraph ran a feature of the best 500 apps on the entire App Store. GOLF COACH was the only sports app to make it into their top 20 'must have apps'."

The Telegraph
Top 20 apps

" Winner of Best Sports App in both the UK and US app design awards, 2014 & 2015."

App Design Awards
UK & US Winner

"I can honestly say I have NEVER seen golf instruction presented so eloquently and clearly, telling us what to do and how to do it and showing us the results EVERY TIME. To me this is exactly what I have been searching for for years."


"I consider your apps to be a truly remarkable achievement. To so clearly present the critical aspects of the golf swing as an integrated whole is no small task. I have recommended your apps with much enthusiasm to many friends."

Dr. Michael S. Manda

"I love your app, you did an amazing job there! It is so nice to see somebody like you get to the point and explain it so well. You really have talent for teaching. I will be recommending your app to my fellow golfers."

User of GOLF COACH APPS 2018

"Your programme has greatly helped me to reinforce the message that my local coach in Sydney has been giving me for some time, which is that my swing should be more rotational. I have always tended to lift the club on the backswing and then looped inside in transition to get the club on plane. This has enabled me to play to a respectable handicap but I always knew it was far from optimum. With the help of your programme, I think that I am finally getting the message and my handicap has reduced from 17.0 to 14.8 in the last 3 weeks."

Chris Gotham
CGA Member

"The power of information is utterly transformative"

Dr Noel Rousseau



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