How to Rotate Your Upper Body in the Backswing

swing Mar 27, 2021

This is a really important topic for the reasons highlighted in the video: An 'adapted' rotation of the ribcage makes moving well in the downswing very difficult and often leads to injury.

Excessive spine extension

This is where the spine lengthens and starts to arch back towards the target (4:26). Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) cite this move as the #1 contributor to back pain in the...

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Over the Top 101

swing Jan 27, 2021

Swinging Over the Top is a pattern that most golfers find themselves doing at some point in their golf career. Helping golfers work around the issue certainly makes up a large portion of my working week in the coaching studio.

The 'over the top' pattern can be extremely difficult to change because there are often some fundamental golf swing concepts that are making the pattern too 'stable'.


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The Simplicity of Hand Path

biomechanics swing Dec 12, 2020

If you can get this concept down then a lot of other good things will happen as a result. It is mechanically very simple and can be a powerful swing thought.

It is my experience that golfers don't get the hands following this path because they are too eager to get the clubhead square at the ball. It is only at the bottom of the swing when the clubhead flings out and squares up so we need to...

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Green Reading with the 'Zero Line'

putting short game Nov 27, 2020

This concept of green-reading is only 100% accurate on a planar slope; meaning a slope that is one continuous gradient and does not have localised humps and borrows. That said, it is still a priceless concept to work with. 

This is a massive tool to use when reading the greens out on the course. You start by finding the zero line: just stand where you think you have a straight uphill...

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Downslope, Downwind & Over Water

course management Nov 14, 2020

As David says, some shots are more straight forward than others but this one takes some thought.

Key Features of the Shot

  • 148 & 140 yard shots
  • Downslope lie on a tightly cut fairway: Hard to strike crisply and will fly lower with less spin than normal.
  • Downwind: Less spin and if you don't strike the ball well enough can know the ball down so it carries 'less' than normal.
  • Water...
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How Backspin is REALLY Created

chipping short game Apr 15, 2020

I recently watched this quick video with Rory Mcllroy demonstrating the 'One Hop and Stop' chip shot. While the technique is reassuringly simple, judging by the comments left by viewers, they are not fooled and there is more to playing a low spinning chip shot it than just technique. 

 Rory's 'Hop and Stop' Chip Shot


Creating spin involves a lot of friction and...

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The Psychology of Solid Pitch Shots

pitch short game Mar 11, 2020

Probably the most important part of pitching is the intention to drive the ball forward. This clear intention will lead us to the right movements to make a solid ball then turf contact.

Professionals launch their pitch shots much lower than club golfers hitting from the same distances. They do this with around 15 degrees of shaft lean (handle leaning ahead of the clubhead and towards the...

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Learn to Play Lob Shots the Seve Way

chipping short game Mar 05, 2020

'Constraints Led Learning' is hugely in vogue at the moment and there are some professionals that only coach with the use of task constraints and avoid explicit instructions at all costs. IMO this is quite extreme but task constraints do play a huge role in Motor Learning and pretty much every session I deliver will have some form of this learning.

The Benefits of Learning to Chip this Way...

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Striking Your Chip Shots Crisply Every Time

chipping Oct 16, 2019


If you stand over a chip shot and feel a level of anxiety over whether or not you are going to make a good connection then you are not alone. Concerns over mis-striking our chip shots is an almost universal experience shared by golfers of all levels.

What I love about this exercise is that everyone can very quickly establish there intended scuff in the ground during a practice...

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Golf Swing Separation Explained


When we talk about 'separation' in the golf swing we are referring to the pelvis rotating significantly faster than the ribcage in the early part of the downswing. This will lead to huge clubhead speed as the chest turns through the ball later in the downswing.

If you fail to create this separation and are too eager to turn the chest from the top of the downswing then it can be a real...

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