Chipping from a Muddy Lie


We all need a reliable method for dealing with these kinds of situations.

Historically, I would have gone with the aggressive shaft lean approach but I haven't played in that way in a long time now and I would try and move my students more toward using bounce wherever possible.

The decision of which option to use here needs to be based on a lot of practise and the scenario that you are...

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Managing Your Focus for Learning or Performance

psychology technique Jun 30, 2021

Attentional Focus

I see this concept play out in just about every golf lesson I give. It is amazing how quickly golfers recover their strike when I give them an external focus cue. Here are some of the benefits of external focus that have been supported by over 1000 scientific studies:

External Focus

  • Closer links to the task
  • Less cognitive activity
  • More efficient movement (less muscular...
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Does Club Fitting Affect Your Golf Swing?

clubs psychology Jan 22, 2019

It seems to be an industry-wide problem that the role of club fitter and that of the coach are too often set on divergent courses. One is trying to fit to the current swing pattern while the other is working to change the pattern. Clearly, for the process to work well, the coach, fitter and player need to agree on what they are trying to achive to find a solution that is harmonious the players...

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Golf Psychology and My Interview with Karl Morris

psychology Aug 15, 2018

I was recently invited on the 'Brain Booster' podcast with Karl Morris. We discussed my research, golf psychology swing changes and key performance factors in general. If you are interested in the interview then just click on the link at the bottom of the page.

The Red Dot

Karl Morris has been one of Europe's top Golf Psychologists for many years and has worked with numerous major champions...

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Automaticity in Golf: The Reality of Swing Thoughts

psychology Apr 02, 2018

These are the highlights of an 8-year study into the much-reported benefits of relinquishing swing thoughts and going with the FLOW.

It is easy to be seduced by the notion that optimal performance occurs in the absence of conscious control. Golfers are all too familiar with what it is like to think too much about the swing, be that through their own hypothesis testing or explicit...

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