Fundamental Drills - Constant Feedback - Measured Skills Challenges

Turbo-Charge Your Skill Development

We all know that if want to see steady and ongoing improvement in your golf then you need to take part in regular, structured practice. 

Add coach feedback, measured challenges and the fun of a group environment into the mix and you have 'Turbo Charged' your skill development.

Through Purposeful Practise you will establish fundamental techniques and continuously refining your skills via the tried and tested motor learning process of 'repetition without repetition'.

The trick is to make that process fun and motivating so you commit yourself over a sustained period of time.

Joining me for weekly Purposeful Practice makes the learning process easier, more fun, more social and easier to commit to.

Over the years Purposeful Practise group members have averaged hcp reduction of over 2 shots per person with some people reducing the hcp by a dramatic 12 shots in 18 months. 

£79.00 p/m

Session Times
  • Tuesday 19:00
  • Thursday 13:00 
  • Friday 13:00

Flexible Booking:

You can attend any group session each week. 

Sessions run throughout the year.

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Each session is 1-hour in duration. The flexible nature of the booking means that we can never be fully sure who will turn each week but it is managed so that we seldom have more than 8 people per session. An average turnout would be 6.

You set up a standing order for £79.00 per month and can attend 4 sessions per month. You cannot roll over months or missed sessions. Any cancelled sessions due to Noel being away will be credited.

We ask that you pick a session time as your primary slot but there is flexibility to come at other times as and when you need to. You may only attend a maximum of 4 sessions per month. 

Please stick to 1-session per week to allow others full access to the groups.

All sessions are coached by Dr Noel Rousseau

All sessions in the Spring/Summer are short-game based as this is where you will find the 'low hanging fruit' in terms of skill development that directly impacts your scores and hcp.

The Winter evening sessions are held on the driving range and will cover long game skills and swing maintenance?

The aim is for Purposeful Practise to take place every week but inevitably, Noel is away on coaching trips and other commitments. The session date are published on the website and through the PP WhatsApp group.

You will be credited for any sessions that do not take place.

"The Purposeful Practice classes have enabled me to meet a circle of players of a similar standard to myself who have become my regular playing partners."

Allen Manning
Wycombe Heights G.C 24 Hcp

"My chipping and putting have improved incredibly. The weekly coaching by Noel is brilliantly delivered, enforces new skills, makes practice purposeful and fun and embeds the new skills into my game."

Klaus Allion
Chorleywood G.C Hcp 13

"Purposeful Practice sessions have provided an understanding of the theory behind what we are meant to be doing and how to execute various shots so that I’m now practising the right way of doing things rather than continuing my old bad habits."

Alan Cornwell
Beaconsfield G.C Hcp 12

"I can honestly say that in every single Purposeful Practice session I have learnt something new. I would recommend this programme to anyone who wants to improve their golf."

Paul DeNeys
Wycombe Heights G.C 18 Hcp

"The sessions have allowed me to combine focused practice of my own development areas under the watchful eye of a pro, providing feedback and "tweaks" as I practice. My game and confidence has really improved as a result of these courses."

Esther Morley
Harleyford G.C 10 hHcp


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