Creating Backspin


I question I get asked a lot is 'how do I get backspin on my golf shots?

Sorry folks, there is no trick, sleight of hand or flick of the wrist that creates spin. In many ways though, it is easier than that. Assuming you haven't topped the ball, every golf shot will have backspin. The skill is not so much about making backspin happen but being able to predict the rate of spin on your ball by knowing these key factors:

Factors Influencing Backspin Rate

Having to factor in all these aspects seems like a lengthy process but with experience, it all happens fairly quickly.

  • Loft: More loft = more spin until we go over the spin loft threshold (see Spin Loft video)
  • Angle of attack: It is instinctive to think that hitting down gives us more spin but this is only the case if you are not delofting the club as is often the case as angle of attack increases.  
  • Clubhead speed: More speed =more backspin so be mindful on short shots that you may have to rely on height to 
  • Water on the ball or club: (See dedicated video)
  • Wind: Most people are comfortable that playing into the wind is going to all but guarantee the ball to stop but then don't fully appreciate the opposite effect when playing downwind. This is especially relevant when chipping.
  • Slope: This is both the slope you are playing from which will alter your dynamic loft (see Upslope and Downslope videos) and the slope you are landing the ball on.
  • Lie: In respect to friction, a bare lie will create more backspin, especially if it is sandy. A wet lie in the rough will all but eliminate your chances of creating backspin.
  • Type of ball: Premium balls include: Titleist Pro V 1, Callaway Chrome Soft, Bridgestone Tour B, Taylor Made TP5 and Srixon ZsTAR.

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