Chip and Run in Slow Motion

chip chipping short game Jan 02, 2017

This is one of the dozens of Phantom slow-motion videos that you'll see inside the member's area: Pro model, David Griffiths, playing a chip and run with a PW.

Chip and Run instruction video - 7-Day Free Trial

Chip and Run Technique: Areas To Note

  • David is absolutely still apart from the motion of his arms. Very firm wrists.
  • David's sternum is not forward of the ball as with other chip shots. Therefore, he is super shallow through the strike and barely bruises the grass.
  • Note the shaft lean at address and how he keeps it constant through the hit. This doesn't want to be excessive though or the front edge will dig into the ground.
  • In this much detail, you can see the torque on the shaft in transition. Vital for good chipping!
  • The motion of the club over the ground is very shallow in the chip and run. At no point do we want the club's leading edge to dig into the ground.

Chip and Run with a Rescue Club

An alternative to the chip and run with an 8 iron is to use a rescue/hybrid club. This is even easier as the club slides smoothly through the grass and guarantees a solid contact.

Todd Hamilton chipping with a rescue club to win the 2004 Open 

(See full article on Chipping with a Rescue)

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