Chipping from a Muddy Lie


We all need a reliable method for dealing with these kinds of situations.

Historically, I would have gone with the aggressive shaft lean approach but I haven't played in that way in a long time now and I would try and move my students more toward using bounce wherever possible.

The decision of which option to use here needs to be based on a lot of practise and the scenario that you are...

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Green Reading with the 'Zero Line'

putting short game Nov 27, 2020

This concept of green-reading is only 100% accurate on a planar slope; meaning a slope that is one continuous gradient and does not have localised humps and borrows. That said, it is still a priceless concept to work with. 

This is a massive tool to use when reading the greens out on the course. You start by finding the zero line: just stand where you think you have a straight uphill...

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How Backspin is REALLY Created

chipping short game Apr 15, 2020

I recently watched this quick video with Rory Mcllroy demonstrating the 'One Hop and Stop' chip shot. While the technique is reassuringly simple, judging by the comments left by viewers, they are not fooled and there is more to playing a low spinning chip shot it than just technique. 

 Rory's 'Hop and Stop' Chip Shot


Creating spin involves a lot of friction and...

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The Psychology of Solid Pitch Shots

pitch short game Mar 11, 2020

Probably the most important part of pitching is the intention to drive the ball forward. This clear intention will lead us to the right movements to make a solid ball then turf contact.

Professionals launch their pitch shots much lower than club golfers hitting from the same distances. They do this with around 15 degrees of shaft lean (handle leaning ahead of the clubhead and towards the...

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Learn to Play Lob Shots the Seve Way

chipping short game Mar 05, 2020

'Constraints Led Learning' is hugely in vogue at the moment and there are some professionals that only coach with the use of task constraints and avoid explicit instructions at all costs. IMO this is quite extreme but task constraints do play a huge role in Motor Learning and pretty much every session I deliver will have some form of this learning.

The Benefits of Learning to Chip this Way...

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Chip and Run in Slow Motion

chip chipping short game Jan 02, 2017

This is one of the dozens of Phantom slow-motion videos that you'll see inside the member's area: Pro model, David Griffiths, playing a chip and run with a PW.

Chip and Run instruction video - 7-Day Free Trial

Chip and Run Technique: Areas To Note

  • David is absolutely still apart from the motion of his arms. Very firm wrists.
  • David's sternum is not forward of the ball as with other chip...
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