When do we Actually HIT the Ball?

swing technique Jan 22, 2022

The video above was a coaching scenario that occurred at the Monte Rei Coaching Trip 2020 but I am probably faced with this motion at least 4-5 times every week. It is too intuative to move this way but it's a real strike wrecker. The golfer is too keen to hit the golf ball and in doing so ruins their dynamics and thus, robs themself of speed and hits the ground early.


There is a real temptation in the golf swing to try and get the club to the ball and add power by extending the trail arm ad wrist in a thrusting/hitting motion. This is often perceived as the HIT of the swing and I have to admit, it does feel initiative and powerful.

However, as we see from the video, this action will rob you of power and ruin your strike by driving the club into the ground before the ball. Being clever and adaptable creatures we then learn to work around this issue and in doing so create a spider's web of faults and fixes.

Take the time to build solid dynamics and you will never feel the need to extend the trail arm in order to strike the ball. The pivot motion of the body will have the clubhead fling out as you rotate through.

I recognise that this represents quite a leap of faith but it only takes a few good shots before you will learn to trust in the motion and not get overly involved in the process of hitting.


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