My All Time Favourite Drill

swing Jun 04, 2021

Working on any drill that can bring this game back to a feeling of 'bat and ball' is generally a good use of your time.

'If you only do a few drills from this website, please make sure that this is one of them. It has to be experienced to feel how easy the game can be'.

This is a drill that can be used as an immediate intervention for directional issues but used at its best it is practised on a regular basis to continually train a sense of awareness and control of the clubface. It also leads to further technical understanding and proficiency.

These are a few reasons that make this is my favourite drill:

Maximum Effect

The clubface has by far the most influence on your ball direction so being able to control it at will has an immediate and profound effect on your ball flight control.


Seeing the ball react so obviously to the face angle at impact often demystifies a lot of the confusion that comes with learning the game.

Self Diagnosis

As we learn the full extent of the relationship between the clubface and ball direction the golfer gets better at diagnosing their ball flight issues on the fly: So whereas previously, a sudden and persistent slice on the golf course can lead to a desperate search into the box of swing thoughts for something that might straighten up the next shot, now the player can now do what all coaches are trained to do which is think about clubface first and very quickly regain directional control.


Further Learning

As we learn to manipulate the clubface other technical observations and connections are often made. Most obviously, there is the feel of what input the hands and arms have in controlling the clubface but more than that, golfers often make the connection between the body rotation and clubface. For advanced players, the feel of an 'OPEN 1' clubface envokes better body rotation and the club staying on plane for longer. I often use this feeling as a way for the golfer to grasp the concept of the 'under plane fade' which is a fabulous shot pattern for many players.


So even on days when your swing is out of sorts, simplifying your thoughts and bringing your attention to the face at impact will have a wholly positive effect.

Motor Learning Principles

The drill envokes an 'external' and holistic focus of attention while also utilising the key concept of parameterisation.

This means that the golfer gains a real sense of being able to control and manipulate the face in a manner that feels intuitive and free from clunky swing thoughts. If ever there was a drill that gives you maximum bang (effect on ball flight) for your buck (mental effort) then this surely is it.


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