Simple Cane Drills That Really Get You Moving

swing technique Jan 24, 2022

I love this drill for freeing up a golfer's movement. There is a lot of technique involved but I rarely need to give much prompting as it is all highly intuitive.

Everybody moves from the ground up and gets their lower half rotating much better than in the actual swing. The need to get the club behind the head and across the eyeballs means that the ribcage has to rotate past the point of facing straight forwards at the end of the swing. You can see in the video how my chest finishes point considerably left of the target at the finish.

One of the things that I like about the drill is the lack of explicit effort to release the club (square the club at impact). Being loose on the grip, as we are with the cane, and pulling on the handle as you rotate will automatically have the end of the cane (clubhead end) fling out and square up at impact.

Listening to the swish of the cane is also great movement feedback and invokes a fluid lightness quality to the motion that is often missing from a golf swing that has too much tension and overcontrol. This is something that I would highly recommend you do in your practise swings on the course: be light in the grip and listen to the swoosh of the clubhead.

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