How to Rotate Your Upper Body in the Backswing

swing Mar 27, 2021

This is a really important topic for the reasons highlighted in the video: An 'adapted' rotation of the ribcage makes moving well in the downswing very difficult and often leads to injury.

Excessive spine extension

This is where the spine lengthens and starts to arch back towards the target (4:26). Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) cite this move as the #1 contributor to back pain in the golf swing. It is also highly likely that a player will swing 'over the top' as the spine corrects itself in transition. Check that you haven't gained any height in the backswing and that your chest is over your trail knee.

 Too much spine flexion 

This is the first example I demonstrate at 4:14 in the video. The player would find a full turn difficult and wouldn't be able to lift their arms enough to get the club above head height.

The pelvis

How our ribcage rotates in the backswing is greatly influenced by the movement and stability of the pelvis. The pelvis should stay positionally very still and just rotate. It is very common for golfers to allow the pelvis to slide forwards towards the ball and this creates adaptations to the way the ribcage rotates.

 There is much more on this my upcoming course; Practical Biomechanics

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