This is my top line, all encompassing product that gives you 24/7 access to all my coaching material. This means that you get not only all the videos from my apps but the very latest content that has been put together specifically for the channel.


There are currently over 170 video articles on the site which will be continually updated and evolving into a complete learning programme for all levels of golfer. Anything related to golf performance and learning will be covered, topics include a myriad of  Technique, Motor Learning, Performance Psychology, 3D Motion Tracking and Biomechanics.


You also get the chance to ask questions on every topic through the MEMBERS ONLY chat forums.

Personalise Your Learning

If you are really committed then for an additional charge you can now have personalised direction and regular progress checks with the SWING REVIEWS option. 

15 Day Trial / Set Up

You will be prompted to sign up to the website and enter your payment details. The first payment will happen in 14 days time unless you cancel your membership before then.



We totally stand by the hard work and research that has gone into the coaching in this channel. If you are not 100% satisfied then contact us within 30 days of sign up for a full refund.

Pricing Options

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