Dr Noel Rousseau

PGA Golf Professional

Driven by a love of the game and all the challenges it presents, Noel has been a specialist golf coach for over 20 years. As such, he is dedicated to a process of continual learning for both himself and his students. 

Having qualified in 2000 as a PGA professional Noel played two seasons on the Europro Tour. Since those early days Noel has taken his own coach education from an eclectic range of sources that include sharing time and resources with industry leading experts in the fields of coaching, academia, biomechanics, performance psychology and motor control. As such, you can expect well-structured learning, clear communication and an holistic approach to skill development.

In recognition of his coaching and research, the PGA have awarded Noel the coveted 'Advanced Fellow Professional' status.

Noel presently coaches at 2 venues on the outer edge of West London. He coaches all levels of golfer and has a diverse student base ranging from committed club golfers to International professional clients that visit for extended, bespoke coaching programmes.


Noel's PhD research was in the area of Motor Learning and more specifically, Automaticity.

The research asked the question of how much we should think about our technique under performance conditions.

This was one of the first research projects of its kind to look at individualistic elements of performance and consider the role of Working Memory in skilled movement production.


In 2010 Noel honed his ability to design and present digital golf coaching with the creation of the Golf Coach and Golf Coach Power apps. Spurred on by incredible 5 star customer reviews, the apps rose to the top of the UK and US app stores.

You will have access to all content from the apps and much more in the GOLF COACH ACCESS membership site.


Noel takes great pleasure in hosting coaching trips. These combine learning new skills through structured practise sessions and playing with the Pros at a very special venue. Each year there is a Links trip in the summer and a 5 day Winter Academy held in Monte Rei in March.

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