Your Personal Coach

Be sure that you are working in the right direction. The Swing Review process represents remote coaching that will ensure that you are practising effectively towards your goals and not wasting time going down 'rabbit holes'.

Each Swing Review involves an initial video exchange with Dr Noel, followed by a second exchange when you have practised at the feedback points you were given.

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Premium Monthly Membership

£40 per month

You benefit from access to the Learning Platform plus the continuity of ongoing monthly coaching. This is a rolling subscription that gives you 1 swing review and progress feedback per month. (min 2 months)


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Premium Annual Membership

£350 per year

Work on all areas of your game or be highly focused on one aspect to make significant and lasting change. Make every practise session count with regular coach feedback on a continual basis.


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How it Works

Detailed instructions are in the 'swing review' section that you will get when you make your purchase. It is very simple though and the info below is a step by step guide.

  1. Purchase a Swing Review option above.
  2. Go to 'My Library' and you will see the swing review product newly available.
  3. Within 24 hours of your purchase, I will have created an 'Athlete Space' in the CoachNow platform in which you and I will exchange videos, notes, learning resources etc.
  4. Fill out the Mini Assessment form and upload 2 swings to the CoachNow platform/app.
  5. Based on your videos, goals and ball flights etc,  Dr. Noel will provide detailed feedback and set you a practise task. You will also be pointed towards the pertinent videos in the GOLF COACH ACCESS channel.
  6. Practise diligently and when you feel that you have made progress or need further direction, upload an up to date swing for feedback on your progress. (The review process must take place within 4 weeks of initial exchange).