If You Want to Hit Your Irons Solidly You Need Lead Wrist Flexion

irons technique Aug 28, 2018

This is all about creating a strong impact alignment to get the multiple benefits below.

Bottom of Arc 

A forward leaning shaft at impact will push the bottom of your arc forwards of the ball giving you:

  • A downward angle of attack
  • Contact with the ball before the ground.
  • A better chance of an IN-OUT patch (dependant on horizontal plane/swing direction)

Dynamic Loft

You will also have greatly decreased the dynamic loft to effect of:

  • Greater smash/ ball compression and ball speed
  • Lower spin rate
  • Lower launch
  • Greatly improved distance (see dynamic loft video)


This is a big topic for irons where a shaft lean at impact is hugely desirable. With a wood and to a lesser extent, a rescue, we are looking for the shaft to be inline with the ball and return with approximately the neutral loft of the club.

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